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Focus for a moment on the time span of the current opposition, Now check the time span of the others. This in itself is a massively revealing detail of the pattern — virtually every working person alive today carries some imprint of this aspect in their charts, to some degree. Only those now over or near 70 and our youngest under the age of about 27 are not natal owners of this aspect in a significant way but their parents and children are — and the young have bigger fish to fry.

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Also, these numbers are expandable depending on the orbs you use for the aspect. The length of time and thus the scale of this aspect in modern times alone must be appreciated — it is a characteristic of virtually all adult human beings on the Earth at this time and is therefore very powerfully active among us in a way that is highly strange and unusual. Experienced astrologers will also draw breath when it is pointed out that second shock during its long presence in our skies the opposition passed through all 6 pairs of signs, Uranus traveling half of the way around the zodiac and keeping pace with a slowed Chiron for the entire years.

I will come back to this. Third shock: at least as far back as 6, BCE — the limits of most modern ephemeredes — there are no other instances of this opposition remaining in effect for so long. At this stage if we do not make this collective transition we will tear ourselves apart and do great damage to the entire planet. We are the ones who grapple with this opposition at an apex of history wherein we must either achieve this goal or destroy ourselves through the manifold schisms that exist between us. I believe all previous instances of this aspect in history have been leading up to this one, and that the next will reveal the outcome as humanity takes stock and looks back on its story at the end of a powerfully transformative 21st century.

The key to creating a positive outcome is to build a new and more human society that can positively respond to the crises facing all of us and restore the natural world that we have sacrificed for our progress, focusing the knowledge and technology that sacrifice has brought onto that purpose. Like Aquarius, we must pour a refreshing libation upon the Earth, and a major part of that is in the human spirit — the way we see ourselves in relation to one another and nature must be healed first, in order for us to understand what our responsibilities are.

I will leave others to research the past instances of this opposition for themselves as what I want to focus on in this writing is the recent one. If we look at this most recent opposition we can see that there are peak times in which its effect is very strong the opposition becomes exact by zodiacal degrees of longitude and that these peaks are splayed across all the signs, delineating subsections of this opposition through the signs as shown below:.

Chiron opposite Uranus So we can now see a structure emerging and we can see which periods of time give birth to individuals involved in specific processes involved in this effort. For example, they might be bringing together ideas and information from the informative crowd Chiron or Uranus in Gemini or Sagittarius with the control mechanisms and stabilizing of the binding crowd Chiron or Uranus in Taurus or Scorpio.

Before I talk about what I have unearthed in my practice about the different sub-groups of this opposition I have just outlined I need to say something about the general nature of this aspect, especially psychologically and socially. How does it affect a person in real life? It seems essentially to be about living in an entire world of people with a need to heal and be healed, together.

Chiron opposite Uranus

The common experience of these people is that they know the human endeavour is in urgent need of rapid, painful change and that there is a need to unite in order to face the multitude of threats not just to ourselves but to nature itself. However, in the face of this there is a feeling of chaos as things fall apart under multiplying pressures. In its death throes such a society could tear everything around it apart. The task is to face the collective wound head on and find a healing outlet for individual suffering which we can share with the rest of humanity.

Collectively, but by working as individuals, this generation has to fix societal imbalances; they have to work together to raise funds for starving children, shelter the homeless, save the planet even. They have to respond to sudden emergencies.

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Many of these things look like lost causes, and some are, because the root cause of the wounds in our society are nothing new, they stretch back thousands of years, and its manifestations are now multiplied six billion fold and rising. Yet even in the face of this we must try to heal things collectively — we will have no choice as ultimately it will be forced on us this is an oppositions nature — there can be no avoidance , and while we may not succeed there is definitely a point in trying so long as we do not fall into projecting this aspect onto convenient figureheads of blame or fall into multiple antagonistically related camps.

We must accept first and foremost that the schism between humanity and nature begins at home. We must learn that there are consequences for every single one of our actions and this means that some of the things we have done will not be reversible and will affect the lives of future generations and life on Earth dramatically.

The opposition is about facing this reality and not flinching from the devastation we witness so that we can learn these terrible lessons and never repeat them. They are too great for any single one of us to bear; we all share in the responsibility the ability to respond and thus we all share in the insight and wisdom which needs to be applied to alleviate and heal the Earth. I think we must learn to work in initially fractured communities and build a collective awareness among those in our immediate neighbourhood and when enough people do this these smaller collectives will find one another and begin forming more stable and complex forms.

We must do this whether or not the parent society we live in collapses — if it collapses it will partly serve to physically force this action upon us for physical survival. This aspect also very clearly relates to finding an individuality you can be proud of in a room full of people. We are all born split inside because we do not accept ourselves for who we are, fundamentally we feel we must make adjustments and changes in order to be liked and accepted often in response to Uranian media gods and icons , or we have self inflicted wounds upon our own individuality.

You and I and all others born in these changing times must dig deep into ourselves and find a way to accept that you and I and all we know are not separate parts but an integrated whole , observing and experiencing itself through infinite points of contact, a human collective. It is the task of each person born with this aspect to play a part in healing and mending the human spirit by witnessing its crippled state face to face. This involves looking not only at our own inhumane treatment of one another, but also our more reckless choices made in the name of freedom which damage the environment and inflict pain on other living species.

The aspect therefore indicates a shocking number of varied contacts who will share some form of social wound remember the arrival of social media has occurred for us , an increasingly visible wound inflicted on individuals by their wounded society, and from each of these encounters we gain sometimes painful insight into our own individual being, an awareness that offers healing to all involved. By learning to share our individual pain and work through it as fellow humans we grow stronger, not weaker, just as a person who gathers followers of like mind increases the power of the message they come to give.

The message here is thus one of collective healing. In joining humanity together in a collective we will not obliterate individuality, we will gain greater freedom and healing acceptance for all individuals, but only if we heal our world and our society first by reconnecting with nature not as a resource but as a living thing we must care for and respect, not sponge off of like idle teenagers, otherwise we will get an oppressive and paranoid world order seeking to deny, control or contain the collapse in any way possible and an eventual calamity which shatters our world.

Our own collective identity only ultimately becomes clearer through coming face to face with something utterly different, through relating self to self, and perceiving the whole in the face of different parts, even when they are sharply contrasted and seem painfully irreconcilable. This aspect brings many of these lessons into sharp focus and can produce many surprises when it is being activated. Since this aspect is in virtually all modern charts, is an opposition, and involves all 12 signs, there is no period in our lives today when a living generation is not experiencing activation of this aspect and often there are multiple activations of this aspect occurring across different generations at the same time.

It is literally a living thing, happening and taking form every day right now. The 6 basic subgroups of this opposition seem to carry with them the following qualities with which to accomplish the above, and each seems to have a focus or area for the development of a new human paradigm.

Here are some of my thoughts about these sub-groups and their roles.

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  • These groups are the only two groups who cross significant generation gaps because they are born at the beginning and end of the oppositions life span in the sky. Their eldest are now in their 60s and their youngest are only about This means the young have to look harder to find others in their generation with the same dynamic, as there is only 2 years to work with. In terms of this opposition both of these groups are most sensitive to Lights or planets moving through either Cancer or Capricorn, though they can also become effective with any movement through any Earth or Water sign, and tend to get stress triggered with Aries and Libra transits.

    Their focus is in constructing and crystallizing what the new human paradigm should be.

    They can be effective in the areas of any overall structural reforms and reform of the concept of family and home, i. This group are probably the largest adult group alive today, ranging in age from 58 to 62 at the time of writing. In terms of this opposition they are most sensitive to the Lights or planets moving through Leo or Aquarius, though they can also become effective with any movement through any Air or Fire sign and tend to get stress triggered with Taurus and Scorpio transits. This group bring the new paradigm to life, often with a sudden and colourful approach that brings drama.

    Notice that they are of an older generation who have had to adapt to the arrival of social media and other tech, they are not naturally born into it.

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    These people are also concerned with both leadership and a healthy and enlivening circulation of energies. They can help us to take command of situations and assign designated roles to individuals in cells or groups. They energise the new paradigm and our efforts at collectve healing. This group are large and active in modern life, ranging from about 50 to 57 years old at the time of this writing. In terms of this opposition they are most sensitive to the Lights or planets moving through Virgo or Pisces, though they can also become effective with any movement through any Earth or Water sign and tend to get stress triggered with Gemini and Sagittarius transits.

    This group works quietly to weed out flaws and identify weakness as well as to devise practical methods towards ideal solutions. They are idealists, planners and dreamers who can both feel what the new paradigm needs and how to practically get there. Often they play support roles in the group mind, finding ways to be helpful of other efforts, but they can also focus on the cleansing and healing ahead of us. Essentially they open us to the power of compassion and service to one another and thus provide a spiritual attitude of kindness and benevolence to our spirit, but they are very vulnerable to the chaos of the processes we must go through.

    This younger group are the ones currently in charge of most of the world, being aged about 43 to Chiron is a symbol of holistic healing. This means that will be the year of holistic healing. No matter what needs healing in your life, in the coming year you have the chance to finally restore your balance and become whole again. Chiron is also a symbol for teachers, so you can expect to find a teacher that will stir your life in the right direction.

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    On March 21th, we have a Full Moon in Libra. March transits are dynamite! You may know by now that a Full Moon alone is powerful enough — it basically represents the energetic peak of the month. If you start something when the Sun or the Moon is at one of these four cardinal degrees, then anything is possible.

    If you want healthy relationships Libra , you need to heal yourself first Sun conjunct Chiron.

    Astrology of March 12222 – Uranus Enters Taurus

    Instead of trying to find the right partner, work on becoming the right person. Find out who you really are and heal your sense of identity. From all Chiron transits, Chiron conjunct the Sun is perhaps the most significant one. Chiron has a special relationship with the Sun. In the Greek myth, Chiron was adopted by Apollo the Greek name for the Sun who taught him everything he knew. Chiron was initially rejected by his parents, but it was the Sun who saved him. The Sun represents the Self, our divine mission.

    by David Coleman

    Chiron represents our primal wound, the wound of being born, the wound of existence. It is only by fully embracing ourselves, and our true purpose in life, that we can transcend the wound of existence and become whole. Once you have accepted yourself, once you walk on the path of your destiny, wholeness is restored, and healing is instantaneous. On March 24th, Mercury is conjunct Neptune at 16 degrees Pisces. Neptune is the planet of mysteries, fogginess and illusion, and Mercury is retrograde. Neptune is also the planet that opens us to the infinite possibilities of our existence.

    On March 26th, Venus enters Pisces. Venus is exalted in Pisces , which means she is able to express herself at her best. With Venus in Pisces, beauty becomes art, love becomes compassion and universal values transcend personal concerns. In Pisces, Venus likes to dream, and the border between dreams, imagination and reality may very well shift just as the boundary between the ocean and the shoreline, inviting you to surrender and enjoy what it is.