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They get to choose their cake type……kid led Frugality wins, I lose. I love this! As a principal in an elementary school, I hear kids talk about birthday parties all the time. Home parties or parties at a local park make so much sense. We either did that — or did really practical things like clothing or used books when they were little.

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Both sets of grandparents gave money at birthdays that we put in a college account. Our daughter is just a few months older than Babywoods. We live abroad we are originally Swedish, but live in Germany temporarily due to work which made our wish to celebrate simple very easy no grand parents showing up with gifts we never asked for, which is our biggest problem at the moment. The guest list consisted of our daughter, myself, my husband, a friend of ours and his 1-year-old son.

We made suger-free cupcakes and bought a pack of birthday candles that we can reuse for several years. She got one gift from us, which was a wooden toy that we would have bought for her anyway. The kids opened the gift together and had much fun playing with the wrapping paper which was saved from a gift I got for my birthday a few months earlier.

Also, the frosting was very runny, but still delicious! Oooo, sugar free cupcakes?? Oooh I love the party you threw. It sounds absolutely perfect to me.

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My 11 year-old is going to one at the local beach next weekend. It will be pizza, cake and boogie-boarding so a totally frugal party. That was the one and only time my child has been to the BBB lol. It was a great way for us all to connect and celebrate, as we were completely aware that her first birthday was more significant to us than to her. One thing that worked well last year was asking family members to gift her big ticket clothing items instead of toys for the next season.

She has a March birthday, which is just when things start to thaw around here, so we requested a pair of sneakers and a spring jacket.

10 Original Ideas for Indoor First Birthday Parties

It was the fete of the year and all the kids loved it! Sometimes you can be frugal and charitable at the same time.

That is a fabulous idea! My sister-in-law actually did something very similar for her birthday a few years back and I love the idea of incorporating a charitable act into a birthday party. My daughter-in-law did the same type of party except a dog rescue came to their home and talked about rescuing older dogs and the need for more good adoptive homes. My granddaughter was thrilled when she learned that her birthday gift was one of the senior dogs that came to her party.

Just now reading this and LOVE it.

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  • What a true gift to the development of that child and her friends, and so many benefited from that. We only have our immediate family — no guests. The reason for this is twofold. The second is that people around here DO go out for the lavish parties at the outside venues. But we have tons of fun anyway, even with just us.

    I also get balloons at the dollar store because, balloons, man. The rest of us wear paper party hats. The child of the day gets to pick what the meal will be, then we sing Happy Birthday, eat cake, and open the couple of presents. Then they watch a movie and get a rare treat of some salty snack like potato chips, then we call it a day. I guess she read a book where that happened? Then we streamed some Hawaiian music for free, and a good time was had by all.

    The kids played with the dress-up stuff for days before I scooped them up for the donation bin. I was a scholarship student at an expensive private school in Puerto Rico so while everyone had quincenera parties in fancy hotels, mine was in our back yard! Given, our backyard at the time was on the top of a mountain so we had an incredible view.

    I got to be princess for a day without worrying about judgmental classmates and now have these very special memories with my family. You were the guest of honour, that was the main thing, the special important one, what a wonderful, creative family. Babies are not expensive…teenagers and college are expensive! I was waiting to see how you celebrated Babywoods birthday and I knew it was going to be a thrifty affair!! This is definitely my inspiration if I ever have children. I loved my birthdays growing up and I never had a party.

    I was allowed a friend home to play after school and my mum cooked whatever dinner I asked for usually homemade pizza or lasagne! My son will be turning 16 next month. We want to do something fun and memorable for his birthday, but not over the top expensive! He would like to have something to invite all of his friends from marching band, and there are 40 kids in band! So we have decided to rent out the gym at our church inexpensive for us, and will save my house from teenage overload!

    And he has already been informed that he will not be getting a car for his birthday, but will be so lucky to get to share mine with me! This party sounds like so much fun! And music is the one thing that always gets the party going. Really cool and creative idea. Our twin sons turn 6 in a little less than 2 weeks. When asked what they wanted for this years celebration, they agreed on a home party with cookies as their treat.

    9 Incredibly Memorable First Birthday Ideas and Traditions | What a Sweet Journey

    They made their invitations by painting and drawing pictures on notecards, which I then wrote the party details on back and off they went. I am impressed by his skills! All this said, their 1st birthday was the complete opposite. It was a stress induced week of prep as we went into their 1st birthday celebration, as so many events were back when I was trying to create perfection.

    Boys Party Theme Packs

    Adopting frugality, striving to be less wasteful and embracing a non-consumer focus have changed these events from stress-filled to fun-filled for this mom. Thank you for your continued inspiration on walking a different path.

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    • My oldest has a birthday very close to Christmas. So, as one of the Christmas desserts, my mom always had a birthday cake, I think she picked it up at Walmart because she was not a cook, with his name on it. We wore hats and sang happy birthday. He did not get additional gifts because he was one years old.

      Same with my other kids at their first birthday. I have four kids now grown and for my three sons I gave them one nice gift as preteens and teenagers, and a cake.