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Method: the zodiac The astrological zodiac is a reference system that locates the Sun, the Moon and the solar system planets in space relative to Earth. The point of origin of this reference system is called the "vernal point", meaning the Spring equinoctial point. The zodiac is a time measuring tool : a date of birth or a date of death may be translated by the longitude of the Sun on the ecliptic.

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Here, the astrological sign where the Sun was at 12 noon G. In this, it was taken into account that the entry of the Sun in a given sign does not occur at fixed dates. Astrology has been part of human spirituality since about B.

The Eighth house tells you about your longevity

People determined the course of their lives with it — and even tried to learn the dates of their deaths. In modern society, astrology is no longer as influential and a code of ethics for today's practioners prevents them from making certain predictions that cannot be determined by other means. Regardless, some aspects of a chart might be more related to death and transitions than others. Determine if your client is emotionally and psychically mature enough to handle information about death.

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Whether they believe in black magic a "death hex" , or that the stars have fated it, they do die. Understand the association of the planets with death and types of death. Then, at the end of my presentation, I'll ask the audience what they think the point of studying Astrology is. After I hear their answers I offer my own in a dramatic way.

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I declare loud and clear that I believe the point of studying your birth chart is to someday move onto the other side and transcend it. Then, I make a loud spectacle of ripping the chart in half.

Eighth House as per Astrology

It honestly doesn't make much logical sense to me that the birth chart will continue to live on in the afterlife and be accessible as a tool to check up on our loved one. Besides, when the soul decides to reincarnate, he or she will obviously have a completely different birth chart.

Who is to say when one chart ends and the other begins? We just don't know!

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True, an argument can be made that the date, time of death and location a person was at when they passed can become the death chart and that this chart can be followed. But why drive yourself this crazy? I think this type of thinking takes the focus away from the point of studying Astrology in the first place. We're not here to figure out all the answers about the greater meaning of life and how we fit into that mystery. We're here to ask the questions.