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Reading the Stars Soothing Dreams Land. Gently breathe in deeply before overreacting, resolutions may be simpler than they seem. New ideas may come through suddenly as the messenger planet, Mercury, is opposite the revolutionary change maker, Uranus in Taurus throughout this weekend. This is a Yin Phase and so our approach to achieving our recently renewed New Moon intentions is simply remain inspired and to let the plan for how things want to occur next unfold naturally.

With the Mo Mercury rules the mind and in Scorpio, our mental focus is to see past the veil of self-doubt and to what is possible when we apply ourselves with courage and mental strength.

How has your relationship to your personal power shifted from then to now? It will be trining the asteroid, Chiron, perfectly before noon today inviting us to relax into healing lessons that have been meaning to land with us. The Moon is still in its New Moon Phase and so the energy stepping into this week is feeling fresh, renewed and full of potential for change.

You may find passionately researching or investigating things today - determined to solve a problem or to continue going deeper down a path that yo Venus, the planet of love, beauty and money, squaring Pluto, the planet connected to the idea of the Underworld, metamorphosis, and healing has been bringing intense situations in regards to money, projects and relationships to a peak.


Money matters may be top of mind, you may be transforming the way in which you relate to it at this time due to this very tight aspect that culminated last night. This reframing of our perspective can really empower us to begin making worthwhile exchanges that foster healing and less draining outcomes. The winner will be announced this Friday with the weekend horoscope! Share below or tag a friend that might enjoy the listen! Libra New Moon 9.

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Libra Season is in full effect and the focus of this time of year is on relationships: our relationship with our self and everything that always changing around us. Venus at home in Libra is also perfectly Our dedication and commitment to experiencing true harmonious balance in our lives can make anything possible. In its place, new standards that make us feel more abundant, more expansive, and well cared for will start to take root. And by the evening at around midnight, the Moon will perfectly conjunct Mars in Virgo, making it night where quick decisions or transitions can be made in a way that feels satisfying and even liberating.

If you were unable to get an appointment on the calendar for today and you want to join us this fall - send me a DM! As you shake off past limiting beliefs you create much more fertile soil for the future. Near perfection in execution often comes from practice, so trust your ability to perform well with your attention on the details. Find joy in the surprises that await you today.

Mercury in Libra squaring Pluto in Capricorn will make many of our interactions today focused on business matters and long term goals. So be mindful of your thoughts, concentrate on your vision of balance and you will draw it to you. Sign up at starryalignment. Can you wind down after this super detail-oriented Virgo lunation cycle trusting that you've done enough and that you are absolutely enough?

Our willingness to be bold and courage What faith in you can be restored now so that you can step into this next lunar cycle feeling like you left nothing behind? NAO was so moved by these themes that she produced not only an entire album delving into them, but a book as well. So with the video I wanted to do something a bit different; something that matched the epic nature of the song.

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It was a deeply creative yet painstaking process. Then, they used machine learning to find constellations within these movements. Using technology and choreography are both new to me, so a lot of thought and hard work has gone into this video experience. I hope it brings the subtext of the song to the surface, and offers a new perspective on the process a lot of people around my age—in fact, a lot of people of all ages—are going through.

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