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Chat now. Hieroglyphics character sign single symbol. Available for any project. OK Cancel. The last planet symbolizes the border of our knowledge about the world, the border with scaring unknown. This is a planet of death, of fatal transformation, of deep processes which are not controlled by consciousness. During many centuries, while Saturn was the most distant of known planets, it was the only planet that was considered a byword of death and largest misfortunes.

Then Uranus had been discovered, and this planet - indubitably terrible and dangerous - became the symbol of all phenomena that are inapproachable by human understanding. After that, Neptune was discovered, and astrologers had decided that Uranus actually is not such dangerous and mysterious as the unknown before Neptune And Pluto, which was named by astronomers in honor of the Kingdom Come's master, couldn't but become the main fright for astrologers of the twentieth century Then, certainly, astrologers began to understand: both Saturn and Uranus, both Neptune and Pluto also have positive functions, as does any other planet.

However, the first impression is the strongest one, and consequently astrologers are waiting, first and foremost, for something bad from the from the most remote planets. But now astronomers have discovered a whole belt of distant planets in the remote area of the Solar system. That has risen a question to astrologers: weather all hundreds and thousands of these planets are really related to death and destruction?

Astrology Vanth Orcus.

And also, does it mean that all planets of that belt carry some common astrological function, or the each single object of the Kuiper Belt has its own individual meaning? It is clear for me that the Kuiper Belt as a whole really means for us some kind of boundary of what can be understood, but the abundance of transneptunian planets suggests that there are a multitude of doors to the unknown.

If we accept this approach, it is clear that among the variety of the Kuiper Belt Objects KBO there are planets, which should seem to us rather malefic looks like a large object TL66, which flies on remote areas of the belt, really can be considered as a "malicious" planet. But there are also objects, which are perceived as rather salutary. And there are many pieces of evidence to make us consider Varuna the largest planet behind the orbit of Pluto initially as generally positive, contrary to the tradition. Already we have the fact, that the first discovered KBO has been given among astronomers the informal name 'Smiley'.

From this, we can arrive at the idea, that the Kuiper Belt will deceive the expectations of the astrologers.

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Rather unexpected name for a new planet of death, eh? And not absolutely suiting for the astrologers - they had already prepared for this as yet not discovered planet a variety of rather gloomy values. In the theoretical constructions the farthest planet is connected with global accidents, radioactive contamination, deadly mutations etc. And the name ' Varuna ' already official , which was given by astronomers in the spring of the year to the largest Trans-Plutonian planet WR, has appeared opposite to the apocalyptical expectations of astrologers too.

But Varuna, on the contrary, has raised us from underground to the heavens. According to Vedic texts, his moral greatness and sanctity far surpass all attributed to any other deity.

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As we see here, there is not even a hint of the themes of gloom and evil. Certainly, as the keeper of the Supreme Law, Varuna is dour, but as an ideal of the supreme moral, he is faultlessly fair. But we shall now talk about the planet Varuna. Its period of circulation around the Sun is years. To take advantage of the representation of distant planets as the sublime ideas of seven visible planets, Varuna can be considered as the sublime idea of Jupiter.

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Varuna relates to such "Jovian" things as praise for oneself and narcissism, wide popularity and, in general, broad expansion of something. It brings forth the egress from usual limits, and in this sense Varuna is related not only with Jupiter, but also with Chiron and Uranus. But unlike Jovian popularity, Varuna represents a more broad and longer glory, promising immortality or, at least, longevity in the national memory.

Another side of Varuna's manifestations also corresponds with Jupiter: that is his connection with the law, justice, equity - however, equity not human, but supreme, law not planetary, but cosmic. There is still one side of the manifestations of Varuna, which rather correlates with Uranus and Pluto. It is allied to its role as a boundary planet the separation of the Cosmos from the Chaos. New matters, before unknown ideas and problems producing global effect, new scopes of knowledge and difficulties connected with reclamation of the unknown - dawns through Varuna. There are several examples from the history.

On September 3, - during the exact conjunction of Varuna with the Sun, the Parisian Peace Treaty was concluded: Europe had allowed the existence of the new independent state, the United States of America.


One year hence, again during the conjunction of Varuna with the Sun, the Brest Treaty was concluded it ended the war between the Russia and Germany. And the same day the famous 'revolutionary poem' "Twelve" by Alexander Blok was published. A new Russia sprang up — the Russia, which refused the monarchy and had a new ideology. On May 9, - in USA, for the first time in the world, the contraceptive pills came into the market. The planetary situation of the day is well described by the aspects of Varuna - it was in square to Uranus to say "no" to unexpected things , trine Saturn "yes" - to planning , in conjunction with the Sun a connection with the vital beginning. On June 5, - the center of public health services in San Francisco informed about pernicious consequences of pneumonia among the homosexuals.

The special researches had shown, that the sharp decrease of cellular immunity was observed. It was the first announcement about the new illness, which today is named AIDS. The sole major aspect of the Sun on this day is the very precise conjunction with Varuna. The last two examples intimate Varuna's connection with the theme of biology, medicine and health or, leastwise, a connection of aspects of Varuna-Sun with this theme. Really, I have noticed that a variety of experts in the field of medicine and pharmacology have in their horoscopes the so-called "burnt" Varuna i. Varuna is also related to water and air elements.

Many circumnavigations etc. Strong Varuna goes into the charts of natural disasters such as the air hurricanes or the tsunami rather often. For example:. On June 9, - in the second half of the day, during the most precise conjunction of Varuna with the Sun, tornados passed through Moscow, Kalinin, Yaroslavl, Ivanovo and Kostroma regions. On June 27, during the conjunction of the Sun with Varuna, an earthquake occurred in Turkey with the force of 6. The disaster took more than a hundred lives and about one thousand people were wounded.

Varuna - as the symbol of the borders of our world - is connected with the theme of death the fans of "astrological horror" can begin to rub their hands , but the death of a special kind: causing large response among populace or happening before the eyes of many people - according to the Russian adage "na miru i smert' krasna" roughly speaking - "beneath people's eyes even to die is good".

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The explosion of "Challenger" in , which was seen by millions of shocked spectators in live program, is a solid example. Characteristically, this configuration is present in the horoscope of the Chernobyl emergency too - with the difference that here the most exact aspect was from Uranus to Nessus orb 2' , emphasizing the theme of unexpected poisonings caused by the products of the industry.

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Another example is the murder of president Kennedy. Transiting Pluto on that day was in the exact opposition to natal Varuna. Transiting Varuna was in the exact quincunxes to the natal Ascendant in Libra and transiting Venus, ruler of the 1st and the 8th houses.

I remind you, that Mercury in the natal chart of J. Kennedy, is the dispositor of the Sun and is situated in the 8th house in conjunction with Mars. Already this would allow us to guess the reason for the president's death.

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But if we take into account transits of Varuna, the date of death is precisely visible: Kennedy was shot on the absolutely exact conjunction of Varuna with the natal Mercury! But these cases are not a sufficient basis to emphasize attention only to the negative side of the manifestations of Varuna. As it was already noticed, the given planet accounts for popularity, the aspiration to shine before the public - and consequently a strong Varuna frequently becomes apparent in the horoscopes of rather popular people, being shown quite positively.

Many stars of the movies and show business are indebted for their destiny to this planet.

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And I notice, that even with hard aspects Varuna can be treated as a "good planet". Let us say, if we compare the horoscopes of the two most famous top models - Naomi Campbell and Claudia Schiffer , we shall see the presence of an exact major aspect of Varuna with the Sun in both charts. But in the case of Naomi this is a conjunction, whereas Claudia has Varuna in an exact square to the Sun and the Moon's Nodes.

Let's draw the preliminary conclusions. It is doubtless, that Varuna is an active, masculine planet. Find all posts by Sweet Pea. Pallas-trine-Mars Senior Member. Join Date: Dec Posts: Find all posts by Pallas-trine-Mars. Find all posts by filly. Join Date: Dec Posts: 2, Visit theV's homepage! Join Date: Oct Location: valley crest dr concord ca Posts: 10, Find all posts by rahu. Bjorkstrand Senior Member.

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