Aquarius moon horoscope

Get busy remembering and renewing your relationship to the tools that are made to help you build successfully. The full moon lights up your career goals and public roles.

What you have achieved, and what you have learned in light of it, now comes into view. Focus on what the process has taught you.

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Focus on what you have been able to understand about yourself through the brave act of chasing your dreams. Focus on what you are no longer afraid of trying, saying, or revealing about yourself. Once the full moon fades, what comes to consciousness is your need for a new creative outlet. Innovating what you make and how you make it is the theme of your last two weeks of August. What you are creating may or may not be changing, but how you create must. Meditate on the aspects of your self-expression that want a little more free will. Try not to let your ideas of what others want dominate what you make.

The world needs you to break the molds of convention.

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The full moon helps you to move beyond the realm of your known world. It gently nudges you towards what holds meaning for you.

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It helps you to slowly open up to a little mystery. It asks you to suspend your judgment for just a moment so that you might connect a little more deeply to it. The full moon wants you to pull a tarot card, journal about it, draw it, dream on it, and give thanks for it. It wants you to remember that life is yours to fill with meaning. Find a moment away from the chaos of your life, your screens, your newsfeeds, and watch the moon rise.

Watch the sun set. Watch the bees pack up for the day. Feel the breeze on your skin and find a place where you can ground and touch down. Denounce busy and radically reclaim what in your life is beloved.

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As the full moon fades, the rest of August encourages you to do what you can to reconnect to your home and inner life. It might require you to rearrange some furniture, change your area code, or shift a priority or two. You deserve to feel abundantly safe and cared for when you enter your inner chambers. The full moon pulls focus on the pleasures of your collaborative pursuits.

How you make a living is getting gifted with an extra dose of sweetness. Share some. Those that support you, see you through tough professional obstacles and help make your work-life less challenging benefit from your accolades. The good things that others offer are to be received as a blessing — taking a moment to acknowledge them as such can go an incredibly long way in your work together. The full moon also helps you to shed a layer of any emotional debris that has built up. Through appreciating the quality of the time you have during the day, you are more likely to let old stresses slough off.

Acting as an incredibly gentle psychic exfoliant, the full moon illuminates the places in you that have healed-even if just a teeny amount. The littlest of internal shifts can help you make the most dramatic overall changes. Once the full moon fades, your days begin to get busier. With more action, adventure, and communications taking place, you are bound to feel the need to do and say more.

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What you say gets extra attention now. Focus on getting your main point across with great clarity. The gifts of connection and companionship are portals into greater self-awareness. The messages that reveal themselves now are long-lasting. Allow yourself a little time to take them in. Allow yourself the luxury of letting go of a little resentment.

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Allow yourself the pleasure of not needing to be perfect in order to be loved. Notice who is offering you affection without demands and care without coercion. Notice the appreciation that comes from others, with no strings attached. Notice who challenges you to make room for more tenderness and care. Being vulnerable requires that we trust ourselves enough to do so.

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The more honest you are with yourself, the more clarity you can bring to all the ways in which you partner with others. Sorting and sifting through relationship dynamics dominates mid-August, but as the light of the moon fades and the days unfold your focus turns to your livelihood. How you support yourself is changing, shifting, or experiencing a reinvention.

You are abuzz with exciting professional projects. The softer you can go on your system, the more you seem to accomplish. Find the sweetest ways to get done what would normally make you a little sour. As the full moon helps you to put the finishing touches on a work project, you get to have a deeper appreciation for all that you have been able to bring, cultivate, or make happen in your professional life.

Every little bit of love, kindness, and care that you have shown yourself shows up now in the quality with which you do all that you do.

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As the light of the full moon fades, what emerges is a newly fortified drive. Whatever you have been able to let go of, work around, or resolve pays off. The focus is now on moving forward. The courage, ambition, and decisiveness that you are channeling are potent. Use it wisely and innovatively. Changes abound in late August and as they do the planets ask you how you can support what is professionally exciting, unexpected, and right on time. The light of the full moon encourages you to open up to the kindness that comes your way.

Through good friends and connections, through small acts and grand gestures, through hard times and ordinary ones, life is made better when we routinely recall the sweet nothings that make life add up to sweet somethings. What you routinely acknowledge takes up more space in your life. No matter the other issues at your door, try to make a little time for pursuits that help you focus on the pleasure that your system needs and deserves. As the light of the full moon fades you are called inward to do some deep digging, reassessment, and resorting of your life, your goals, and the way you use your gifts.

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Behind the scenes projects demand your time come late August and the first part of September. Take it. Right now your job is to focus on getting yourself sorted, sifted, and restructured in the ways that best serve the big picture of your life. The full moon in Aquarius lights up your inner world. Give yourself copious amounts of what grounds you, feeds you, and keeps you feeling connected to your inner world.

What success looks like on the outside, and what it feels like on the inside, can be very different. This moment demands that you make room for these extremes. Be tender with the parts of you that need a little extra TLC. Be firm in your commitment to your professional goals. From one side of the coin to the other, this moment makes clear that rooting and rising are of equal necessity.