Compatible star signs for taurus woman

She is driven by material comforts, not because she is a total materialistic person, but because she thinks it is indispensable for a good life. Give her a home with the latest interior, a wardrobe full of clothes and shoes, and a steady flow of money to keep things leveled and secured, and she has found her sanctuary!

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Best Match for a Taurus Woman. Our down-to-earth and intelligent she bull clicks best with signs belonging to the earth and water elements, while those from the air and fire zones, should ideally be zoned out. The following sections discuss the one-on-one compatibility quotient of a Taurus woman with men belonging to the complementing earth and water signs.

Taurus Woman and Capricorn Man. Astrologically, this is definitely a match made in heaven. A Capricorn man is the ultimate provider, a protector of his mate, someone who will work his heart, soul, and sweat to provide his loved ones more than enough comfort and security. He is an intelligent businessman, someone whose hard work is directed to gain power and prestige in the society, something that totally attracts our Taurus diva towards him.

Taurus And Libra Compatibility, Love Match And Friendship

He will earn enough to satisfy all her material desires, but also ensure that he gets the best deal in the market. Apart from being a dependable and caring partner, he is also quite gentle, loving, and a thoughtful mate. Both these people prefer the comfort of their home rather than parties, but both understand the need of a social gathering to build contacts and networking. Taurus Woman and Cancer Man. Another suitor that comes with an excellent compatibility rating is the Cancer man. He is a charmer who woos her with his thoughtful gestures and a whisper of sweet nothings. Both of them value loyalty and commitment in a relationship, and this is what keeps them steady in the long run.

The gentle, protective, caring, and somewhat possessive nature of the crab works great for the bull. Like the Capricorn man, a successful Cancer man will build a safe and luxurious home for his love and bestow her with all the possessions in the world that she needs. His romantic gestures will keep her happy, while her practical and loving support would help him become more focused and content with life. Taurus Woman and Virgo Man.

3 Best Compatibility Matches for Taurus Zodiac Sign

A Virgo man complements her best with his honesty, loyalty, and dedication. What attracts our girl to this guy is his perfectionist aura. Who wouldn't want a guy who loves to keep things neat? Both share a practical and logical outlook towards life and complement each other quite well. Problems may arise when his overwhelming attention to detail and keep-things-in-order kinda attitude may get too much for our bull to handle.

She may also expect too much from him, which may come off as "smothering" to him. The good thing is that both these signs know how to overcome such petty issues and can handle them efficaciously before they take a big form.

Best Matches

With certain things kept in check, this is a loving and easygoing union, which only gets better with time. Taurus Woman and Pisces Man.

Tinder reveals which star signs get the most right swipes - and it's good news if you're a Taurus

The Pisces man is sensitive, emotional, sensual, a hardcore romantic, and a dreamer. It is impossible to fall into a pattern or boring relationship with a Gemini man, and those involved with him are often encouraged to live in the 'now' rather than look to the future. A Libra woman is essentially a walking contradiction. The Aries woman is in touch with her sexuality and isn't afraid to show it. But with the energy of two toddlers crammed into a single body, she is often exhausting and may find herself burning through relationships with partners who simply cannot keep up.

But for those who can handle what she offers, she makes a great lover and one of the most trustworthy of the signs. According to Australian Tinder profiles, most potential partners simply aren't willing to find out. He does all of the right things, but sometimes seems to be simply going through the motions and lacks the passion or spontaneity to drive the relationship forward. Both men and women for this zodiac came in at the tail end of the list, according to Tinder. It may be because both are extreme in their own way - and neither extreme is overly attractive to a potential suitor.

The female Sagittarius is almost always open to the possibility of a long term relationship.

Taurus Woman Compatibility With Men From Other Zodiac Signs (In Pictures)

She is ready to be committed, to have a significant other and to have the Instagram-worthy relationship of every girl's dreams. But sometimes her attempts at finding that can come across as pushy and excessive. It might be turning potential suitors away from her online dating profiles. As for the Sagittarius man, he tends to lean toward the opposite extreme. The Pisces woman has likely made the same online dating faux pas as her Sagittarius companion also at the bottom of the list. She is a relationship woman. She is reliable and loves the idea of love, but sometimes holds back showing her true colours out of fear.

Pisces women are known for their gentle and sensitive nature - but those qualities don't seem to be getting the right swipes some would argue they deserve. The Capricorn man may very well be considered the most difficult to date of all the signs - contributing to his overall ranking as the least matched male in the Tinder-sphere. He has high expectations and rigid rules, and follows a moral compass that may only make sense to himself. But the issue with online dating is that people are rarely willing to put in the effort based on a bad first impression.

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